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Ain't no sunshine - almost all the versions!!!

I   L O V E  this song and here are some versions from different singers.
Well, I think all of them are great.
Can't do wrong with this song!!!

Bill Withers - Ain't No Sunshine, the wonderful original version! 

Ain't no sunshine - Michael Jackson

Sting - Ain't No Sunshine

DMX - Ain't No Sunshine, a wonderfull gangsta version!!!!!

Jose Feliciano - Ain't No Sunshine, incredible latina version!!!

Hanson - Ain't No Sunshine (tell ya a secret, I love Hanson!!!)

Kid Frost - Aint No Sunshine, wonderful version to the  American Me sound track

Tatum Jones - Ain't no sunshine

Freddie King, (a blues/jazz monster): Ain`t No Sunshine When She`s Gone.

And, to end the list, the beautiful version rom the Notting Hill motion picture:

Lighthouse family - Aint no sunshine

Kisses, bisou, bisou