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Let's rock!!!! Long live to the posers!!!

Whatta glam night!

This last week I practically discovered the Glam Rock*. Not that I didn' t know it existed, I've always heard about a style named glam rock, but the only band I really Knew as Glam was KISS (I love Kiss), but this week I was wonderfully introduced to the glam rock world. And I kinda felt in love deeply with this style. But wow, there are so many bands I didn' tknow they were glam!!! Living and learning!!!
There are many glam rock bands. Here it comes a little list of my new favorite songs!!!
Let's rock, people!!!

To start the list, a song that many of us used to hear in the teens parties, the beautiful Whitesnake song, "Is this Love", is my 10º in this count down list!!!

10º "Is this love?" Whitesnake

9º "Forever" Kiss





8º "The final countdown" Europe


7º "I'll be there for you" Bon Jovi

6º "Something to believe in" Poison

5º "Cherry Pie" Warrant
This one is very bright!!!!

4º "To be with you" Mr Big

3º "Heartbreak Station" from Cinderella This one makes my cry!!!!!!!! Beautiful!!! No comments...

2º "Only time will tell" Nelson
My father loved this song!!!

And the first one is the beautiful Def Lepard's song "Photograph"!!! It's because of this song I'm writting this post today!!! This song made my night so beautiful, so romantic, so special!!!!

Well, people, lots of glam kisses to yall!!!!!


*Glam rock (also known as glitter rock) is a style that developed in the UK in the post-hippie early 1970s that was "performed by singers and musicians wearing outrageous clothes, makeup, hairstyles, and platform-soled boots." The flamboyant costumes, and visual styles of glam performers were a campy, theatrical blend of nostalgic references to science fiction and old movies.
Largely a
British phenomenon, glam rock visuals peaked during the mid 1970s. According to many researchers, the most famous exponents of the fashion were David Bowie, Marc Bolan and T. Rex, Gary Glitter, and Slade. Other influential British and American performers include: Queen, Sweet, Wizzard, Roxy Music, Mud, Mott the Hoople, The Glitter Band, Elton John, and Suzi Quatro.
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


Recycling is all there is...

In times of war against the global warming and against general waste, we end up talking about garbage.
So, I love to search for decoration ideas that can give us a poetic view about anything that we first, could consider without use, which means: garbage again.
That's when craftwork of any kind is very welcome and warms our hearts, sometimes very cold, hard and blind to see and feel those little gestures of love. Yes, because practicing Art, nowadays is an investment in Human Nature and in our hability of thinking  that simplicity can make the diference.

So, I'm showing you through some pictures, some "garbage" that holds life in it, instead of being polluting our rivers and roads. Have a good weekend and holiday. And if you have some objects without any use, think about planting a seed in it.



We can say that it's a person's style or behavior.

Where does personality come from?
It comes from a combination of nature and nurture.
And what combination is that?
Oh yes! The first time I heard about that, in this particular way, was in an English book. I became very curious about the explanation and decided to go in depth.

I have found out that nature means your genetics, your general traits, what you inherit from your parents plus your own thoughts and emotions. Nurture is what and how the environment influences you through your family, school, friends, culture, and life experience in general. Describing emotions, we can say it's compreheded by feelings such as love, anger, fear and hate, for example and thoughts by memories, wishes, and plans.

In conclusion, in my point of view if your personality is built from both interior and exterior factors, it means that there is an exchange. You can infuence the environment and vice-verse. Therefore, you are in charge of your own personality. You are born with a start, a gift but you have the free will to improve it. It's up to you. But don't forget, the results depend on your attitude.

By Monica Giunta


Wonderwoman, hosewife or sexy pin up, who can be it all?

I was wondering about all the things we must be nowadays. Today, Well, I think, more than ever, at least more than many decades ago, there is an imposition, I mean, the society imposes certain models about how the women should be. Of course it’s not new, in ancient Greece, or in Rome, many poets wrote about how to be this or that. In Ars Amandi, from Ovidius, the poet gives us a real “manual” about how to live, to behave in a lovely, sexy and adorable way.
The problem of this era is the multiplicity. Down with the multiplicity!!!
In the fifties, for example, women had to be perfect pun up housewives, submissive etc. In the eighties, business women, competitive. Now, the problem is that we have to be everything at the same time. Friends, workers, lovers, mothers, models, sexy… The stereotype is highly unfair. The media avalanche of hole models on how to be to behave brings too much patterns for us to follow.
About me, I have the deep sensation of incompetence. I feel that is almost impossible keep up minimally with all the “must be” issues we have nowadays. Sometimes I feel I’m not the right housewife, or the teacher, much less the lover. What am I? I don’t know. Today I feel it’s nice to be the minimal. The least. At least I wanna be a wife, not the best, just a simple one. A teacher, a friend. Each one at its time. At least.