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In a cave with you

It’s terrible not having you in my life.

Horrible not telling you a three hour good morning,

to kiss you for hours and hours.

I love to take your hands and walk thought the streets.

I love every thing.

You told me I didn’t listen you sing…

How could I?

It must be the sound of heaven, of happiness.

I wish I could throw it all away,

I wish I could live with you in a cave

eating mammoths and making love to you every day.


  1. Uau! You just sound like "Ayla" - the heroin of some novels called "The clan of the cave bear"; "the valley of horses" and "The mammoth hunters". Do you know this anthropological acclaimed trilogy written by Jean M. Auel? If you don't know them, I think you'd love to read the. They're wonderful. Just lika an epic about the dawm. Kisses.

  2. Andrea, I want to read them all, they must be wonderful!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Thaty, I have the first one in Portuguese, that I bought from a newspaper bank. But they didn't release the other ones. But I have the third one in English. So if you can find the second I'm sure you'll be delighted.