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Come to my window - Juliet/Melissa- just a nice combination.

In 1994 when I heard this clip I was completelly overwhelmed by the great combination they acchieved putting together two women of guts!!!
I first saw Juliet on her debut in "Cape of Fear" starring Robert de Niro. Man, what was that?? It's one of the most scariest suspense movie of all times. I was afraid of him! Really... hes was so satanic real in his anguish for vengeance. And Juliet seemed at that time a promissing actress. Her acting was superb as an infantile teenager that gets hypnotized by the seduction of an older, unconventional icon; just the opposite role played by her tradicional parents that were just keeping the apearences of a happy family, that in fact, they weren't.
Anyhow, she just showed us that besides her talent, she is a genuine example of a generation that doesn't only play the rules and roles the midia wants to keep them on the top list.
She behaves within an alternative, free rock'n roll life style, not fearing to be connected with the underground side of the Hollywood world.
She adjusts herself very well in roles that demand a lot of mental and emotional control in and out the sets. "Natural born killers" and "Kalifornia" are good examples of that. Its a pitty she has decided to get away from the acting scenario to be a singer in a trashy rock band.
I think she represents a modern role woman: she doesn't need to use her sexual appeal to be recognized. She is secure of herself and doesn't fear to be misunderstood for her choices.
In her turn, Melissa brought out to life Janis' style of singing a rock'n roll with the soul. Her horse voice is magical and unfortunatelly some people insist to associate her talent with her hormones.
Enjoy you all!!!

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