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Recycling is all there is...

In times of war against the global warming and against general waste, we end up talking about garbage.
So, I love to search for decoration ideas that can give us a poetic view about anything that we first, could consider without use, which means: garbage again.
That's when craftwork of any kind is very welcome and warms our hearts, sometimes very cold, hard and blind to see and feel those little gestures of love. Yes, because practicing Art, nowadays is an investment in Human Nature and in our hability of thinking  that simplicity can make the diference.

So, I'm showing you through some pictures, some "garbage" that holds life in it, instead of being polluting our rivers and roads. Have a good weekend and holiday. And if you have some objects without any use, think about planting a seed in it.

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  1. Andrea, as the days go by I realize that we really have so much in common!!! Besides friends, we could be sisters!!!!
    I totally agree with you, recycling is all there is!!! This ideas are simply great, Andrea!!!