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We can say that it's a person's style or behavior.

Where does personality come from?
It comes from a combination of nature and nurture.
And what combination is that?
Oh yes! The first time I heard about that, in this particular way, was in an English book. I became very curious about the explanation and decided to go in depth.

I have found out that nature means your genetics, your general traits, what you inherit from your parents plus your own thoughts and emotions. Nurture is what and how the environment influences you through your family, school, friends, culture, and life experience in general. Describing emotions, we can say it's compreheded by feelings such as love, anger, fear and hate, for example and thoughts by memories, wishes, and plans.

In conclusion, in my point of view if your personality is built from both interior and exterior factors, it means that there is an exchange. You can infuence the environment and vice-verse. Therefore, you are in charge of your own personality. You are born with a start, a gift but you have the free will to improve it. It's up to you. But don't forget, the results depend on your attitude.

By Monica Giunta

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