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Alan Parsons Project "TIME"

The only thing certain in this life, besides the death itself, is the uninterrupted passage of the time , without complaints, without sorrows, without doubts...
"Flowing like a river to the sea", showing on our faces the marks of what we have done to ourselves during our mission on this planet, full of unanswered questions, unaltered facts in history, full of unafraid feelings of conquering freedom.
Time... an unchangeable journey through the mysteries of the human race, a great spectacle of communion among nature elements that can move the eternity into cycles of hours, minutes or seconds that can change life inninterruptedly, a circle of life, forever, time forever time.....


  1. Andrea, you are so sensible!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Beautiful, Andrea!
    This video and your text moved me...
    Kisses, my friend.