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Farewell, Grandpa!

After this beautiful post from my friend Andrea, I'd like to write a letter to one dear person that passed away last Thursday: my grandpa.

Dearest grandpa!

I'd like to say that, fist of all, I'm thakful that you existed, you were born. Through you and my grandma my father was born. I'm glad you have lived 90 years. To me it's not much, I'd be happier if you could live 150. But I'm happy ayway. "Time". What is that? It seems that I'm still that little girl that you used to take to park and tell stories about your youth, about how you met my grandma and about how she was beautiful, how you loved her.

I'd like you to know that you ARE important to me. You were a brave person, raised seven kids, a grandson, watched a son to be murder in a burglary and always had something nice to say. You did believed in life. In the future I hope to be 30% what you were as a parent. I'm proud of you, proud of the family you have made.

Thank you, I hope you're with the angels now, cause you were one of them here on earth.

Your granddaugter, Tata.

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