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Brad Pitt is a Basterd!!!!! Movies worth to see now!

Hello, good morning!!!

Well, as a person who LOVES literature, art and MOVIES, I always like to make some lists of my favourite this, my favorite that. Today I will not make a list (it's coming soon, lots of them!!!), it's just some considerations about movies that I saw and LOVED the last weeks. Do you like to go to the movies? Me and my husband love, almost every week we see one or two films. Sometimes three. Unfortunately we can not see all the films, specially because almost only "commercial", "non-cult" movies go to all the theaters, so sometimes we have to download them.

My first new beloved one is Inglorious Basterds (BASTARDOS INGLÓRIOS, in Portuguese). Tarantino is the man!!!!!!! Wonderful. it's that kind of movie that makes you want to enter there and just fight with the characters!!! It's about a group of people that fight the nazi during the Second World War. I just hate Almost any movie about war, guns, these stuff, but this is ART, superb, wonderful. ALL the actors are great, perfect. Go to see it, now!!!

New Tarantino wonderful movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The second is the swedish movie Lat den rätte komme in, Let the right one come in (or DEIXE ELA ENTRAR, in Portuguese). One word, not one, two, three, whatever: WONDERFUL, MARVELLOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boy suffers from bulling in school. Boy meets the new neighbor, a girl. Girl changes boy's life forever.

Although the story seems easy, it's not that old formula of vampire movies, it does not underestimate the audience intelligence. Forget about Twilight (CREPÚSCULO, in Portuguese). It's not corny, it's not common. It's almost Literature.

Lat den rätte komme in, Let the right one come in or Deixe ela entrar, in Portuguese.

The thrird one unfortunately I couldn't see at the movies, I saw it on Cinemax, a channel from HBO group. It's that kind of movies that makes you feel light, happy and you don't know exaclty why. Je vous trouve très beau, You are so beautiful or Você é tão Bonito, in Portuguese is about a widower farmer that goes to Romania to find another wife to help him in the farm...

It's a sensitive movie, funny, romantic. Definitely a worth to see movie!!!!!

Je vous trouve très beau, You are so beautiful, or Você é tão bonito in Portuguese. Poetic.

And you? Whar are the last worth to see movies you loved?

See yall!!!


  1. I loved your post, Tati! As you, I'm a movie lover, and I always like to reado these lists about films. Unfortnatelly, lately I have watched movies just by tv. I want to go to the movies!!!! kkk
    Days ago I watched two films that I loved: Gran Torino and Irina Palm. Gran Torino, no words... Clint Eastwood is a man too!!! rs
    Irina Palm is fantastic film, in my opinion. In this movie I found drama, comedy, romance... It's great, it's cult.
    Tati, keep posting your lists!
    Kisses! Lohan.

  2. Read, don't reado! kkk