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Dancing with myself

Don't you think that somethings make us remember??????????

Friends, happiness, sadness, loves. When I listen to some songs, records, cds, whatever, I remember many nice things (not sooooooo nice sometimes..)

Well, today, Ill tell you in one word (or something like that) what some cds make me remember. I guess I't gonna be funny!!!!!!!! Let' go!!!

1995, college days.

Sunday happy morning eating chocolate cookies (from Piraquê)

Saturday mornig waiting for a party at night (1989).

I used to listen to this songs when I wanted to feel cool. And romantic. And sexy.

Me. Wanting to go to Boston to see them.

My aunts cleaning the bathroom EVERY Saturday morning. It's hell in earth, believe me.

And you??????????????? What songs/cds make you REMEMBER???????????????????


  1. Ahhhhh! What about that song, whose lyric belongs to Djavan, "A ilha", on this Roberto Carlos' record? I still love it. And I think "Côncavo e convexo", are also from the same record? "Hell in earth" was great.
    I have a friend who collected everything about Menudo. I was in love with Roy...but my collection belonged to my idol Michael Jackson!!!!!Forever and ever, over and over. You can call me "brega", but I'll always love him! He is the pure personification of the eighties.I remember also of the group Dire Straights. Their song "Sultans of Swing" was a MUST in any night club.Another one: "This is the song" (I guess it's the right name) with the powerful voice of Barry White. And finally: Stevie Wonder: "I just call to say I love you". Whatta hit"

  2. Correction: I just CALLED to say I love you. And that made me remember of some movies: The blue lagoon; Endless love; A dama de vermelho and the beggining of Steven Spielberg era: Back to the future (I love them all!!); Indiana Jones (I love them all!!!) and ET, "I want to go home- home - home!" So cuteeee!

  3. Waw... Something very strange is happening these days... I think we are in the same vibration! Today I was listening some old songs from 80's bands, like "Uns e outros", "Legião Urbana", "Nenhum de Nós", "Biquini Cavadão"... And I was thinking: What a decade! Everything about these years was so special, so singular, the look, the songs, the movies, the ideals... I was just a kid (I was born in 81) but these things really made my personality, I'm sure! I think we should write more about this!

  4. Yes, girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I think everything about 80s songs was great!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Andrea, I can't call you "brega" because everyone is a little bit corny. Don't U think? Well, about me, for exemple, I loved Silvio Santos, Bolinha, Chacrinha etc...
    Camila, I love Uns e Outros"!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a friend that ROCKS when singing "Missionários"!!!!!!!!! Love this song!!!

  5. Missionários is my favourite song from Uns e outros too!!! I think this song is a kind of letter of protest... Something very deep...

  6. Well, I was born in 1989, but I prefer almost everything this decade, meanly the songs.
    I loved Legião, Nenhum de Nós, Ira, etc.
    English musics I like Stevie Wonder, Tina Tuner, Phill Collins, A-Ha, U2... Oh, a lot of!!
    Nowadays I think that music lost your value. People don't make music, but audience of ignorance.
    Kisses, girls!