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Healthy life style motivations

Ideas to get your body moving

1. Turn off the TV.
2.Jump off the couch and out the door.
3.Walk the dog.
4.Play with your kids.
5.Ride a bike around the block.
6.Play music and rock around the house.
7.Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
8.Park at the far end of the parking lot.
9.Join a health club or take a dance class.
10.Spend time in the garden.

I know, I know....all of these ideias are easy to say and hard to follow. You can tell me that you don't have dogs, kids or even a garden, that you live in an apartment. So, you can improvise !  If  you like cooking  for example, try to exchange the fat and the carbs into something lighter.
When I started my diet I began to create an imaginary full taste of the true things that I like to eat a lot and make me fat faster.  How? Let me give you a hint: I love pasta, and my doctor told me to not eat it, at all  for a while! So, I decided to cut really thin and long slices of carrots and zucchinis and pretended they were  spaghetti. And believe it or not, it worked perfectly. Of course it takes time and some effort to make, but you can make  more than what you need to eat at the moment and fridge them into some water and raw, of course.
So, if you want to eat more "pasta" the next day or so, you can cook them right away and make some creamy sauce replacing the sour cream for a light mushroom cream soup. It's very similar. You don't need to suffer to get healthier.

If you feel very hungry, drink lots of water or tea. Walk at least half an hour in a fast pace during your lunch break. Believe me, everything is about practicing. It will become a habit. It's not about being easy to change, but it's a challenge when we feel deep inside that we need to change to feel better about ourselves, especially when our health is in danger. And more you get into a shape, more your self-esteem grows.

We can create everything we want. Kisses for all.


  1. Andrea, I cannot tell hw you your post inspired me today, dear!!!! You are a real inspiration!!! I agree with you ideas, they work perfectly nice for those who don't have kids, dogs etc. It'a about attitude, about moving!!!
    wells, eating is my problem, I L-O-V-E sweets, ice cream all of it...
    But I 'm working on being less lazy...

    Dear friend, thanks for you post!!!!!!
    Kisses, love U!!!!!

  2. Ps.: I loved our blue!!!!!!!!
    Pink & blue!!!!! Beautiful!!!!

  3. And I love your new picture. Kisses. i'm glad you enjoyed the post. It achieved the purpose I wanted to.