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Our power and our love to the Rio victms

We'll get through this,

through the rain, the mud, the tears.

As the song says, “we all are one, we’re all the same person”

He’ll look at us, protect us.

Some day our city will be the most beautiful again,

Not only for the rich

Not only for tourists,

But for all, for us.

From us,the girls from Back to the Beggining, with deep love.


  1. I divide here my feelings, my solidariety.
    For Rio de Janeiro, the city that I love, the city where I was born, I'm feel very very sad now.
    This text came from a sensitive heart. It's a satisfaction to see that someone, meanly someone as Thaty, remembered to Rio in this sad hour.
    Kisses, we love Rio!

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  3. Le città sono come la musica, se non c'è un maestro sensibile e dedicato a tutte i suoi musici e capace di fare degli strumenti i migliori, come la sua arte sará forte e bella?

    Rio è come una bella musica, ma senza maestri sensibili, dedicati a fare di quello che si legge una realtà per le nostre orecchi, ma soppratutto pe i nostri cuori.

    Per tutti!
    Camillo Landoni

  4. Tihs is nature taking back what has been taken away from it without any respect by those who needs a place to live in and the authorities that don't care at all! And the same people vote to these bastards.

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