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The best time eva'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Favorite video from the 90's


Well, some weeks ago I was talking to some friends about tour teenage years, about how DIFFERENT we were, considering none of us is more or much more than 30 years old. We were trying to figure it out how is to be a teenager in the internet age. Yes, there was a time when there was not internet, consequently, no tweeter, no orkut, my space or face book. Oh, and no cell phones too!!!!

                                Favorite tv serie. A bit of alienation doesn't hurt.

At that time, to be a teen in the 90’s, a child in the 80’s, was really fantastic!!! Of course, it must be fantastic to be a teen now, specially for them, but in my concerne, now everyone who has a digital camera, some imagination and a LOT of self esteem can be a sort of star now. Most of my friend and me are teachers or pedagogs. I have noticed that many of us have students as friends in orkut or face book. When I visit some of these pages, suddenly that humble, shy student of mine is a charming pop star or a fame fatale. How can it be? They simply put on dreams as clothes and they have free access to different behaviors, different stars, music etc. Seems to me that everyone is a star, everyone poses!

   Caio Fernando abreu, this man changed my life in 1995, when I first read his books.

Some time ago, the inspiration usually came from the tv series, soap operas and music stars. Nowadays it comes from everywhere. It’s not very uncommon an ordinary person call become famous because of some peculiar ability or talent, some time ago, to be an artist was much more difficult, to release an album was almost impossible. Today you can throw your music on My Space and be e successful or not. I remember when we used to fall in Love with some music in the “past”, there was not the facility of googling it to learn the lyrics. There were basically two ways, we copied- yes, handwriting- or we looked the lyrics at magazines like Bizz or Letras e Cifras. It was exciting and I particulary liked to copy and memorize the lyrics.
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  1. You're so right, my friend! Fortunately, we are part (from maybe) the last generation that still had some "romantism" under its skin. The difficulty to obtain certain things, information, knowledge...used to make everything to be more valuable and exciting.

  2. I have to complement that while you were a child in the 80's I was already a teen. So, my generation was the beggining of "having The American dreams coming true." I remember the excitement after six, seven months to watch here a "clip" that had been showed there all long ago... Thriller, for example, was showed here for the first time on "Fantástico" and it became like watching the final of a "World Cup" or something like that. Seems like today, there's no "frisson", expectation for anything.Before a cd is released, we already can have it by hte "pirates".