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Sunny connected souls.

It's funny how people are connected in their minds without having the slightest idea about it, without even knowing they have something in common...or not, maybe it can be just a coincidence also. Let me explain.

Yesterday I had this strong feeling of seing the sea...Yes, the ocean, the salty water , the oceanic breathing, the sun....I miss it so much! I'm a Leo, so my zodiac sign explains it all. I miss the energy that comes from sunny days.

 I live on the mountain side of my state. My hometown is called Nova Friburgo, which means "New Cold village". Do I have to say how cold it is in the winter? Fireplaces, cheese, wine, overcoats... all of these are perfect and I don't dislike them, but I'm a daughter of the sun. I'm a completelly different person when I feel the hot weather, when I walk through the sand, shoeless, wearing my colorful bathing suits , feeling the sun tanning my skin, the wind passing by my whole body, listening to the waves kissing the sand, looking at the infinite horizon, freeing my mind from problems and bad thoughts of any kind.
The last time I went to the beach was eight months ago. Why so long? Because I have a little cute baby and for his protection, I decided not to put him through situations he can't stand for now. Now he is 10 months old and  it's Spring around here, so, I'm planning to take him for a day on the beach. Maybe this Saturday.

Anyway, all of this just to say that I write and follow a collective blog called Autores S/A. And this morning I was caught up by surprise when I read a poem of another writer that happens to be  a Leo as well and the subject of her poem, was the same as mine! Isn't it incredible ? She is talking about the same need, the eagerness for the ocean, for the sun. And we don't know each other, she doesn't know my personal blog or anything like that.

I love the net because of these little happenings. We can find soul mates virtually, without having the possibility of knowing them in any other situations in life. Real life...I have been making many friends through the blogsphera and I love it! I love the interactivity built just through the written words... And good night to all of you who stops by .

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