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The bright side of things

Change your emotions and your life. The whole universe will change with you!
Believe it!

It is possible to cause, by your own effort, a rupture of the old life concepts and build up a new and wonderful paradigm. It does not matter what your previous experiences have been or the age you are!
There is a holy statement which says: "I make as new everything."
Change your mind and you can change your life...since your thoughts are carried on with true emotions.
You cannot attract health and abundance to your own experience when you have negative emotions, even if you have affirmative statements. This is the point where most people fail.
Imagine that as soon as you think positively you start up the law of attraction automatically.
But insisting for some time of thinking positively but in a superficial way, without your emotions flowing according to your thoughts...result: little positive things occur achieving in this way.

Make the difference: think with feelings and emotions and you will be able to change your destiny!

First of all, become aware that your present state reflects your emotions lived in the past. Forget what is gone, work your emotions out in order to change the present time and get prepared to receive the future that you create right now in your mind.
You can start like that: I am the creation of God, therefore, I AM his daughter.

God is infinite abundance.
God is perfect health.
God is absolute peace.
God is permanent joy.
God is love.

God is everything which is good, wonderful and perfect.
Maybe I may be living the illusion of being separate from the SOURCE OF CREATION at this moment, but in my essence, I AM ONE with HIM, I am LIKE HIM.
The enthusiasm is an elevated feeling capable to reach sublimated areas of consciousness which vibrates according to the Universal Law, first source of all creative action.

It is necessary to think always positively, motivated by a strong feeling of being able to generate enthusiasm. Just achieving that, things start changing.

Source: Comunidade "Conexão da Luz", by Orkut.
Translation (version) adapted by Monica Giunta.


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