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She wolf

She wolf

"A new flame has come, and nothing she can do can do me wrong."

Simply Red

She was a regular woman. She had also a regular job. Every day, from Monday to Friday she woke up at 6:00 am to dress up to work. It was nice to walk fifteen minutes through the Streets of São Paulo. As she never had a car- too afraid to drive- she loved to feel the wind blowing her face when she was inside the bus. The wind used to bring her such a hapyy feeling that sometimes she used to forget she was going to work. At this moment there was only the wind. Hapiness.

This woman didn't like very much the days because during daytime she felt she wasn't existing, it was like a dream, but not that good dreams that make us want to stay in bed. She felt that only about five or six pm she was starting to be alive.

Today was a day like all the others. Almost like, because when she woke up she felt like dressing up very nicely, more than usual. She used to put on a jeans, a t-shirt and high heels, but not now. A long look at the mirror, as she was making love to it. Make up on every spot of the twenty seven year old face. A long dress and a gorgeous perfume. No one used to look at her, not even long time-so-superficial-friends. Today feels like the earth, sky and the people on the streets really look at her and the wind kisses her more than ever.

She's now leaving work but she doesn't remember very well how was the working day. She just remembers she worked, ate lunch and the disgusting new math teacher asked her to go somewhere, some day. the man seems too grassy, tedious, and a close talker, witch she hates more than the oil skin. She says something without any relevance to him and goes to the bathroom to put some lipstick to go home, but when she looks at the mirror something is different.

Her skin is covered with a little soft fur and the touch feels like her old teddy bear that she still kepps on her bed together with the tweve pillows. As she hurries home, comes a strange sensation of freedom and pleasure to walk specially this night. She has alwaysl loved the nightlife, the moon. Now the night loved her. Finally a lover. She ran home, ran so fast that she barely felt the ground, she floated. She, wind.

At home, she locks herself at the bedroom, refusing to eat the everyday macaroni her aunt made for dinner, she lays down, feeling a thick fur grow throuh her body, from the head to the feet. Her nails grow and start to look like her poodle's. No, looks more like her neighbor's pit bull. Teeth, head, hands, everything is different. Finally she is. She wolf. She happy. She's herself now.


  1. Ouch! I'm afraid of this woman...I hope she's not you Thaty. I hope your "lyric-me" doesn't get mixed up with yourself. Great job, teacher. I guess you are more comfortable showing your literary skills in English than Portuguese. I loved it.

  2. Oh, dear Andrea, it’s Just a metaphor … She became a stronger woman, she “owns” herself now !!!!!!

  3. (Pode ser in Portuguese?? rs)
    Thaty, vc mandou muito bem!
    Que virada na vida essa mulher deu. O "mundo" está sempre querendo nos tornar pessoas estranhas a nós mesmos. Lendo seu texto, me veio à mente a gloriosa sentença de granito do maior filósofo de todos os tempos (in my opinion,rs): Nietzshe!
    Eis a sentença:
    "Torna-te quem tu és".
    Congratulations Thaty!

  4. Thanks, Lohan!!! You are very kind. I don't write very much, almost only " technical" texts, so I'm learning with you all.