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Why English? The Enchantment explains it all.

When I was a little girl, I used to come back  to the living room late at night to watch tv behind my parents back. My father hated soap operas and disliked the fact that a child would be after nine pm out of bed (nowadays I understand why).

The fact is, everything that is prohibited is better. So, I waited until I was sure my father was deeply asleep to watch those "Corujão Sessions", on Globo channel.

It always amazed me those credits in the beggining and in the end of the movies... All the different , strange and difficult names that I tried to guess how to pronounce . Every time I read "The" (and there were so many times), I wondered if it was an article, a capital letter, the name of a company and so on.

I was enchanted by it, and always talked to myself that when I was a growing up person, I'd travel around the world to know such places I watched on tv and that I 'd be able to talk in that language.

I'm from a time (not too far ago) that few people could hardly ever think that English would become such a powerful language as it has become. Attending an English course was just an extra activity among ballet classes , swimming or playing a musical instrument .

I remember that in my city there were only two courses when I decided that I wanted to study it: C.C.A.A. and Cultura Inglesa. The first one taught American English and the second, British English. I didn't even know they were that different, like Portuguese from Brazil and from Portugal. All I knew was that I was familiarized with the American one, by the music I heard on the radio.

It was great to repeat the drills after the teachers and sing songs watching the videoclips from Madonna, Michael Jackson, Billy Joel, Elton John. The eightys were great!

I didn't finish the supposed seven years to complete the course. But I got part of my dream of knowing personally a place where English is a first language. My nine years living in the USA gave me knowledge about their culture, which comes as a gift to complete the learning process of any language.

I breathed English 20/20 and I'm very glad that I had this opportunity. When I came back to Brazil I decided right away that I had to go back to college and graduate in Arts.

A month ago it was my graduation in Portuguese/Literature, but English still is my passion. I like to teach, although it seems to be very boring the process of being always teaching basic level students . We end up not being able of practicing the language to the fully.

And then came the Internet. I discovered the Blogsphera and I started a blog of my own where I write in Portuguese, of course. Then, came an idea of a second blog where I post lyrics and clips of songs I like in both languages and poetry as well.

After that I received an invitation from a friend of mine to write in a blog with other people. Everyone has its own page to post any kind of text. Each one of us has its day of the week. My day of posting is on Thursdays. Each week I try to write in a different style, but some people stick to just one kind of text, which is okay. The only rule is that each post must be original. Just like the one I'm finishing to write to you.

I want to welcome all the writers and readers who will joy this blog. I'm very happy about it because I see on it a posssibility of making new friends, sharing new thoughts and an exchange of ideas and doubts we all have about this wonderful language that we embraced like our own. Good luck and good journey through the words to all of us.


  1. Great, Andrea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wonderful blog, wonderfull idea!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Andrea, as I read your post, my thoughts went down memory lane and I realized that english has been part of my life since I was ten years old. That's when I had my first English lesson at cultura Inglesa. A after a couple of years I switched to C.C.A.A. But not before speding 6 months in the US learning the language. I feel compelled to accept your offer, and I promiss you I will give you an answer before Monday, ok? I appreciate your trust on me , thank you very much, I know if I accept it, I will be in good company.Have a great weekend!!!

  3. Congratulations, Andrea!
    Beautiful blog! I hope everything that's ok for you and all the authors this blog. These texts are helping me a lot to my learning. If I said something wrong, correct me please!! rsrs

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