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Getting started.

If I ever see you again
I want to be sure
The sun will rise with your smile
I'll trade my belongings
for some peace in my heart
for a moment with the stars.
Not denying my feelings.
Not hidding the words
that were meant to be said.

But now my heart is cloudy
And I do nothing
while the tears fall down on my chest
like the rain drops
I watch outside my window pane.

But even the rain
Brings the smell of a touch
I could taste before.
It was a moment in life
I would trade and try
so happy inside
I'd fly above the skies
Searching once again
wherever you are...

If you could see me now
and understand
It doesn't matter where you are
which really matters is
to find your spirit
getting closer to mine
getting started for a new season of  love
A new season of sunny days and colorful flowers
Just like my heart when it used to see you.

I hope and pray
Never give up !
I hope and say
You'll be mine.
And Spring and Summer
will refresh my soul.

So....I look outside and the rain is gone.
The clouds are going away
The sun shows up its shinning rays
And I feel my heart smiling again.


  1. "I look outside and the rain is gone.
    The clouds are going away
    The sun shows up its shinning rays
    And I feel my heart smiling again"

    Beautiful, very lovely!!!!!! Congratulations, Andrea!!!