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Love Story

A sorta fairytale

Let's see colours that have never been seen

Let's go to places no one else has been

Electrical Storm, U2

She lived in the sea with the others sea beings, loved the water, she was the water and the water was her. Adena used to swim from blue Greece islands to Italy sea. Adena had no sisters, some disappeared when in love with some sailors and others she just never heard from them anymore. She barely remembers from them, they were all like her, human and fish at the same time. Sometimes Linux were more fish than girl, although she was curious about humans, women, legs. They all had legs. Legs much better than tail, legs the same as wings, even better.
Fourteen thousand years. No human contact, except for the singing. She sang to herself but couldn't help being heard by humans. Through her voice she has been loved, adored, worshiped during all her life. But no contact.
Then He was born.
One night He feels like swimming. He hears the singing. That night Adena wasn't singing to herself. They look at each other and everything makes sense. Caught up in the rapture . No differences, no promises.
She moves in to the island. Everyday is a silly love story of kisses and poems. How could she never new Love. Love's so right. They slowly became each other, no need of food, thy fed of the drops of themselves they sip from each other. Days, months, years of happiness.
Then she got legs. On day in the morning Adena wakes us and no tail. She touches the legs, feels the fingers, the ground, the sand and the water f the sea. He looks at her, loves her, fish or woman, there's no one like her. Let's get married. You're mine, I'm yours, kids, house, relatives-in-law, everything.

Marriage: kids, house, relatives-in-law, everything.

Adena misses the sea. They have arguments about anything everyday. She walks into every room in the house. The house is so small. Land is so small.
One night He takes her into his arms and goes to the sea. He lets the waves hold her, it feels like home.
She's water again.


  1. What a marvelous love story, Thaty! So full of elements for a whole book. You can develop this story into chapters if you want to. I love the parts: "Caught up in the raptures. No differences, no promises."; "They slowly became each other, no need of food, thy fed of the drops of themselves they sip from each other." So Shakespearian...romantic. I just loved it! Congratulations.

  2. Thanks, dear Andrea, you're an angel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!